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Foot Fuck Phone Sex

Posted in Foot Fetish, footjob, phonesex on February 20th, 2012

Hi Guys

Sure I my tits are made for fucking but any stocking fetish lover knows a foot job is where its at. Especially when your kinky phone sex girl has on a pair of silk stockings then those feet are just screaming fuck me! Pretty sure if you just lean in you can hear mine saying slide your dick between the soles of my stocking covered feet.

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You know your dick is getting hard at the thought of a phone sex foot fuck. So what are you waiting for.

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Cum Covered Panty Hose Fantasy

Posted in Creamed Feet, Cummy Pantyhose, footjob on November 29th, 2011

Fellow Phone Sex Deviants Hello

Have on my favorite pair of panty hose. They are not the most perfect pair of stockings but I dont care. I love that they have runs in them and there are even a few mystery stains in them too. I say they are mystery stains but I know exactly where they are from. This nasty phone sex whore has used these stocking feet to stroke mens cocks till they blow a load of sticky cum all over my favorite panty hose. Those ribbons of cum exploding all over my silky legs. Seeing how far up they can blow. Sure you try to wash them but cum is sticky and they never do come completely out.

cum covered stockings fetish, panty hose fetish

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex 1-888-662-6482 with Devon


Nylon Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in phonesex on June 8th, 2011

Hello, my pets. Your Femdom phone sex Mistress wants to have some fun with the fetishists. I hope you’re all ready for it.

See, it’s the nylon fetish boys that I’m in the mood to play with. Pick your poison, pets. Is it pantyhose, stockings, or something else that gets you off?

I have a bit of a stocking fetish myself, I suppose you could say. Especially if the stockings in question are fishnets. I love the way they feel on my legs, and I love how sexy I look in them.

Of course, I most love it when there’s a slave down on his knees in front of me, performing leg worship on my stocking-clad legs. There’s nothing quite like the feel of your hands and lips and tongue against my nylons, pets.

Foot worship while I’m wearing my fishnets is nice as well. It’s really good for you foot fetishists because you can kiss my toes between the holes in the fishnets.

And then there are those of you nylon fetish phone sex boys who love to wear the stockings or pantyhose yourself. I love to have you dress up and prance around for me like a little sissy phone sex slut. *Laughs*

Watching you jerk off while you wear them is awfully entertaining as well, especially if it’s pantyhose you’re wearing. I like seeing how you get to your cock with them on. It’s an intriguing form of bondage, in my opinion. And we all know my opinion is the only one that counts, yes?

If you would like a cheap phone sex fetish call like that with Mistress Tatianna, then give me a call. I can’t wait to play with my nylons with you.


Phone Sex Tease

Posted in Cumshot, Foot Fetish, phonesex on May 10th, 2011

You wanna touch them, my legs. My very long legs are softly wrapped in a delicate sheer nude thigh high stocking fetish. Pretty pink bows clip and grip the garter to the lacy tops of my thigh high stocking fetish. Three garters on each leg and when I twist my hips they swish in the air and sting as they slap against my bare thighs and hips. My panties are also nude in color and have soft pink ruffles around elastic.

I totally admire your restraint, I love teasing you, rubbing my nylon feet in your face. You place my heel in your mouth, the nude sheer nylon bubbles with your saliva and sticks to my skin. Can you withstand this phone sex tease? Would you still get your foot worshipping phone sex needs met if I removed my stockings? No? You like toe sucking me with my nylon stockings on. What will you do if I rip them?


Jerry, he would open and close my legs like a pair of scissors while he pumped his dick between my foot pussy. You are waiting for that right moment, to slide it out and pump your cum shot stocking phone sex all over me and my legs.

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Stockings Phone Sex Tease

Sock Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in phonesex on April 25th, 2011

Hi, boys! It’s been really rainy and gross down here where this 18 teen phone sex girl lives the past few days, so I’ve been having to dress warmly.

One of my favorite articles of warm, comfy clothing is socks. Not just any kind of socks, though. Kneesocks! Or over-the-knee socks! They’re toasty warm, and they keep my poor little toes from freezing off. And they come in all kinds of super-cute colors and prints. Yay!

Oh, and they make all you sock fetish boys CRAZY! *Giggles* That’s always an added benefit.

Like today, I wore these fabulous green and purple plaid over-the-knee socks, along with the rest of my outfit. And now, since I’m back at home where it’s nice and warm, I’ve shed most of the rest of my outfit. So I’m wearing nothing but a black t-shirt, purple panties, and these fantastic socks!

That just invites sock fetish phone sex calls, doesn’t it? I sure hope so!

Just think…a hot phone sex coed teasing you over and over with her sexy feet and cute socks. Doesn’t it almost make you crazy just thinking about it?

Well, all you’ve got to do is pick up the phone and call me, Parker, for some really awesome cheap phone sex! Talk to you soon!


Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in Mature, phonesex on March 30th, 2011

Hello to all my wonderful gentlemen who have a stocking fetish.

Are you all tired of women who claim to enjoy stocking fetish phone sex when they can hardly tell the difference between stockings and pantyhose? Or, perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to talk to a woman who wears stockings when she wishes to dress up for her lover and feel “sexy.”

Oh, no, darling. That’s not at all what you’ll get when you contact this phone sex MILF.

Stockings certainly do feel sexy against my skin, but I do not wear them to feel “sexy.” I am sexy at all times. I wear them because I feel naked without them.

I cannot wait to talk with you about your phone sex fetish. Call me now, and let’s discuss all the erotic aspects of stockings or other nylons. You’ll definitely enjoy this cheap phone sex session with Ms. Vivika.


Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in phonesex on February 25th, 2011


Hi there, boys. This phone sex MILF is back…and hornier than ever!

Today, I’m in the mood for a little fetish phone sex. My husband is out of town again, and I’m bored. Not lonely, but definitely bored.

I’m so used to being in control that I want to dominate a little submissive boy tonight. Are you that little submissive boy who needs a busty blonde MILF to keep him under her thumb?

Perhaps you’ve got a stocking fetish or a foot fetish. I can tell you right now, boys, these feet and legs are ready to be worshipped. If you do a really good job, you might get to worship some other parts of me. But that’s definitely going to have to be a reward for a job well done.

So pick up your phone and call Ms. Adrienne for a little cheap phone sex. You won’t regret it.


Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in Foot Fetish, Mature, phonesex on November 9th, 2010

Not all with a stocking fetish just enjoy a woman wearing such a sexy peice of lingerie, some men actually enjoy the feeling of encasement in a pair of their very own pantyhose. Some men wear pantyhose to feel more feminine. I know several sissies that love the feel of a pair with reinforced crotch. Makes things a bit smoother inside of thier sissy panties. Most men with pantyhose fetish,just enjoy the simple sensual feel of the nylon material against their body and have no intention of wearing any other forms of lingerie.What is your stocking fetish like? I’d love for you to share with a  stocking fetish phone sex session.


Filthy Pantyhose Phone Sex

Posted in phonesex on October 11th, 2010

Being an FILTHY PHONE SEX DOMME I could tell you that I enjoy wearing pantyhose because of the way they make MY legs feel. Its more how good things feel squishing throw those pantyhose. Now I know the NASTY PHONE SEX slaves among you shall know exactly what I am talking about when I say that. From stepping in it to having it ooze from other areas. Are you ready for a FILTHY PANTYHOSE PHONESEX CALL?


FetishDomina is MY aim and yahoo use wisely

Stocking Phone Sex

Posted in phonesex on September 20th, 2010

Slide your hands up my pretty little stocking covered legs. You know that is what you were looking for when you came looking for some stocking fetish phone sex. STOP. Did you really think I was going let you go all the way to the top where they meet my smooth silky thighs?

stocking fetish

LOL — did you really think I was going to let you hit the gas that fast?? Hardly! Go back down to my pretty little toes in my perfect little high heel shoes and start again. The best part of stocking fetish phone sex for me is when you start to squirm. Go slow, my little stocking lover, this is going to get HOT.


Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in Blowjob, Foot Fetish, Natural Boobs, phonesex on August 9th, 2010

I always feel so feminine and sexy in my stockings. I love the way they make my legs look, and feel. I have discovered that many men not only like to look and touch thigh highs, but they enjoy wearing pantyhose and stockings as well! I am quite curious about how it makes you feel when you men wear them. I know that I have given many a foot job to some that had a foot fetish, and when they came all over my pretty little stocking covered toes it felt so warm and I liked the way it seeped down thru the stockings. I want to know more about your stocking fetish with a stocking fetish phone sex session. Cum and educate me further, share your knowledge and love of all things nylon!


Nylon Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in Foot Fetish, Mature, phonesex on August 2nd, 2010

How much do you like nylons and stockings? Do you prefer to wear them yourself , or are you a stocking admirer? I know that some of you stocking fetish freaks like trying new techniques with them. Ever fuck yourself with a pair of stockings and not in the typical way? Take your favorite pair and tie  6 knots  about  an inch apart in a nylon stocking. Lubricate yourself extra well and then push the knots inside, then pick up the phone and call me and I will give you further instructions on what to do! Ask for  nylon fetish phone sex with Marla Dial 1-888-662-6482


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Stocking Fetish Phonesex

Posted in Foot Fetish, phonesex on April 24th, 2010


Hey boys or should I say my little sissy boy? Because we all know that’s what you are. I mean I totally understand why you love being feminized.

I curl you long hair into these tight little curls then apply layer of make-up on your pretty face. I go to the dresser and pull out a dark blue satin corset and a pair of black stockings.

All these stockings that you have, I would assume you have a stocking fetish. Would I be correct by assuming this?

There’s nothing wrong with liking stockings. I love them, too. They make your legs feel very smooth which are great for leg worship but that’s another day, right? *wink wink*

I pull those stockings up your long legs and turn you around and smack you on your ass. “Look at that one fine looking woman, now let’s see if we can find you a dick to suck on. What do you think?”

Curious to find out what kind of man I picked out for you?  Well you have to call me at 1-888-662-6482 for stocking fetish phonesex! *wink giggle giggle*

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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in phonesex on April 14th, 2010


Hello to all my wonderful gentlemen who have a stocking fetish.

Are you all tired of women who claim to enjoy stocking fetish phone sex when they can hardly tell the difference between stockings and pantyhose? Or, perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to talk to a woman who wears stockings when she wishes to dress up for her lover and feel “sexy.”

Oh, no, darling. That’s not at all what you’ll get when you contact this phone sex MILF.

Stockings certainly do feel sexy against my skin, but I do not wear them to feel “sexy.” I am sexy at all times. I wear them because I feel naked without them.

I cannot wait to talk with you about your phone sex fetish. Call me now, and let’s discuss all the erotic aspects of stockings or other nylons. The number to speak with me, Vivika, is 1-888-662-6482.

AIM/Yahoo: MILFVivika

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in Foot Fetish, Mature, phonesex on April 13th, 2010

They fit me perfectly, accentuating my long legs, encasing them softly. The smoothness of the stockings envelops my legs as I attach a garter to the top of my stocking, ensuring that they stay in place. You sitting there, watching every move I make, feeling your cock twitch in your pants. You long to touch the stockings, smell them , feel them on your own skin.  What makes up your stocking fetish phone sex fantasy? Ask for Marla!


nylon fucking phone sex

Posted in Big Tits, Cumshot, Natural Boobs, phonesex on April 12th, 2010

hey stocking fuckers

this perverted dude came up to me wanting to me the other day asking me the fucking oddest question he wanted a pair of my dirty panty hose. ya i was like umm why? didnt care if they had runs in them or any thing just as long as i had worn them. i didnt really have to ask cuz like i could tell what he was gonna do with them. he wanted to stroke his dick with my panty hose really a dude like that isnt gonna get a chance to rub his dick on a pair of stockings or panty hose that are actually on a girl’s legs. as if.

how many other perverts out there snag tossed out panty hose and stockings to stroke their cock with them? bet your watching porn where girls are getting a fresh load of cum shot on their stocking and your wishing it was you doing it. hahah. stroke away.

tell ya what ya can do call me for some hot sticky nylon fucking phone sex. oh ya. ask for bree 1-888-662-6482

temptingbree aim/yim

my bratty phone sex bio

Missy Is One Juicy Grape!

Posted in brunette, Cummy Pantyhose, Cumshot, fucking, hardcore, teen on February 9th, 2010

Cummy Pantyhose

Feast your eyes on this delectable morsel by the name of Missy Stone. Now she may still be in her teens, but she’s a total tigress when it comes to seducing and screwing her lover! Check out her trailer from Cummy Pantyhose.Com and see how this cock-loving vixen turns her lover on with her trim legs in purple nylons. The guy gets so hot, he licks through the fabric just to get a taste of her sweet pussy, which is only the beginning!

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Sexy Stockings Heat Up A Ruined Date!

Posted in blonde, Blowjob, Creamed Feet, footsie on February 5th, 2010

Creamed Feet

Get a load of doll-faced Patricia and her tight, lovely legs! She’s supposed to be on a date with her boyfriend but when he saw her walking around in pasties and sexy black stockings, he decided to just rub his hot dick all over her silky soles. Click here to watch Patricia’s steamy trailer from Creamed Feet.Com! and see how well she works her guy’s rock-hard and raging shaft!

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Dig Those Sploogy Stockings!

Posted in Cummy Pantyhose, Cumshot, fucking, hardcore on February 2nd, 2010

Cummy Pantyhose

Get a load of those stockings splattered with globs of hot n’ creamy sperm! Obviously the bitch wearing them got her man so fucking horny, he couldn’t resist tearing through the nylon just so he could bone her. And yeah, after he stuffs his tubesteak as hard as he can into her juicy chuff, he pulls out to chuck his baby batter all over her asscheeks. Check out more of the free goodies from Cummy Panyhose.Com, where you’ll see that hawt nympho riding her guy’s supercock!

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She Tempts With Her Tights!

Posted in Cummy Pantyhose, Cumshot, hardcore, redhead on January 31st, 2010

Cummy Pantyhose

If you like seeing hot girls getting banged in their pantyhose, you better take a look at free pictures from the Cummy Nylons.Com archives! This bitch Sandra gets a kick out of seducing older guys with her legs, and one of the ways she does it is by flaunting them in white tights! Well, she definitely succeeded, and now she’d getting her twat jackhammered like it’s never been before!

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Hot Amateur Gets Drenched In Warm Spunk

Posted in brunette, Creamed Feet, footjob, teen on January 28th, 2010

Creamed Feet

When I first saw Francesca, I thought damn, this gal’s gonna make it big in the porn biz! With her smoldering stunning looks and sizzling sex appeal, it wouldn’t be long before she makes it to star status. But for now, she’s testing the waters with a naughty footjob where she teases her fuckstud with her lovely long legs in sexy black stockings before massaging his boner with her soles. Check out her free pics from Creamed Feet.Com to see more of this gorgeous amateur vixen!

She’s pretty frisky, alright! Soon she peels off her nylons so her man could feel more of her tender feet all over his shaft. And for someone who’s just starting off, she does a wonderful job of extracting the man-milk from his nuts, which is why you oughta log on to Creamed Feet.Com right now to download her entire video!

Fetish Phone Sex

Posted in Big Tits on January 27th, 2010


Hello, slaves. Your Goddess is here to discuss some of your fetishes and fantasies with you.

I know many of you enjoy fetish phone sex. I enjoy it as well, but not for the same reasons.

As I have stated before, I like to turn a slave’s fetishes against him. This FemDom loves to manipulate a man with Her Feminine charms and wily mind to make him debase himself in all sorts of ways.

It matters not to Me what your fetish is. Stocking fetish, foot fetish, or even the more hardcore fetishes, such as ballbusting.

Whatever it is, it’s a weakness. To Me, all men’s weaknesses are worth exploiting.

No matter what drives you to call Me, I am quite capable of using it to force you to lower yourself in all types of twisted ways to amuse Me.

I am a Female Supremacist, and I believe the old adage: “Grab them by their balls, and their hearts and minds will follow.” You, too, will come to see the truth in this.

You will do anything and everything to serve Me You ache for your reward, the chance to indulge your petty fetishes. But, as you will learn, My pleasure is the greatest reward you will ever receive, and your own fetishes will fall incredibly short in comparison.

So call me if you dare, slave. Call Mistress Gina and surrender to My power. Become entranced and intoxicated by the strongest Female you will ever encounter. Call 1-888-662-6482 for cheap phone sex with your Goddess.

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Desperately Dicking Donna

Posted in blonde, cum, Cummy Pantyhose, hardcore on January 24th, 2010

Cummy Pantyhose

I particularly like the lighting in this sizzling hot video. Somehow it makes the star, Donna, look more delicious than usual, and it definitely brings out her lovely legs and big, bouncy booty, especially since they’re snugly encased in satiny nude nylons. Check out this hottie’s saucy pictures from Cummy Pantyhose.Com and see how her tights drive her lover crazy enough to bang the shit out of her!

The action here is so wild that Donna doesn’t even bother to remove her pantyhose. She just wants her twat fucked as hard as possible, and soon she receives a massive load of hot jizz right on her stockings. Watch her full video at Cummy Pantyhose.Com right away and see why pantyhose fucking is the total shit!

Gorgeous Amateur Does A Mean Footjob!

Posted in blonde, Creamed Feet, footsie, masturbation, teen on January 21st, 2010

Creamed Feet

Get a load of Tatiana stroking her lover’s curvy schlong between her nylon-covered toes. She looks like a perfect fuck-doll in those gray thigh-highs, and obviously her man’s raring to drive his meatstick up her tight little pussy. But the girl’s in no mood to fuck today, though she’d love to bring the guy to an explosive orgasm with her tootsies!

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Cream On Her Cherry

Posted in big butt, brunette, Cummy Pantyhose, Cumshot on January 17th, 2010

Cummy Pantyhose

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